Early algebra, investigating linear functions, series 1 of &, Guess My Rule introduction and Ariel and James with problems 1-3, Clip 5 of 8: Comparing strategies for problem 3 when x = 25 [article]

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In the fifth of eight clips in Series One of Exploring Linear Functions, researcher Evelyn Hanna asks James and Ariel to figure out the Y value for Guess My Rule problem 3 if the value of X is twenty-five. Ariel uses his rule of 3 times X plus 1 for a result of seventy-six but also continues to list X and Y values in his table giving a result of seventy-five. James' first response is eighty. They compare and revisit their strategies and conclude that the correct solution is seventy-six.Problem
more » ... eventy-six.Problem 3. X Y0 11 42 &3 10
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