Properties of the Twenty-seven Pulses in DongUiBoGam Based on the Eight Important Pulses

Taehyung Lee, Won-Mo Jung, Byeongho Go, Hi-Joon Park, Namil Kim, Younbyoung Chae
2015 Korean Journal of Acupuncture  
Objectives : Pulse diagnosis is considered particularly important among several methods of diagnosis in DongUiBoGam. In spite of its importance, numerous and various pulse descriptions made it difficult to learn and practice pulse diagnosis. In this article, we tried to analyze properties of the twenty-seven pulses from pulse diagnosis cases from DongUiBoGam to enable the practical understanding of pulse diagnosis. Methods : We constituted the four axis according to the eight important pulses.
more » ... nd we analyzed properties of the twenty-seven pulses through the relationship between the four pairs of important pulses and the twenty-seven pulses. To quantify the relevances of important pulses to the twenty-seven pulses, we used the term frequency-inverse document frequency(TF-IDF) method. Results : We could elicit properties of the twenty-seven pulses according to the four axis. Also, we reexamined the categorization of the seven exterior pulses / the eight interior pulses and the similar pulses from DongUiBoGam with the analysis results. Conclusions : We could understand properties of the twenty-seven pulses more specifically with the eight important pulses. And we also could see the relationship among the twenty-seven pulses on each axis. However, the limitation arising from insufficient number of pulse diagnosis cases in this research requires further research with more sources such as other traditional medical records or clinical records in the present time. Key words : pulse diagnosis, DongUiBoGam, TF-IDF, the twenty-seven pulses, the eight important pulses 서 론 동의보감 「잡병편」의 「심병문」에서는 [神聖工巧]라는 조문을 통해 한의학의 진단 방식을 망문문절의 네 가지 방식으로 설명하였 다. (1) 구체적으로는 望診을 통해 환자의 五色을, 聞診을 통해 환자 의 五音을, 問診을 통해 환자가 먹고자 하는 五味를 살핀다고 하였 으며, 切診, 즉 脈診을 통해서는 환자 寸口에서의 허실을 살펴 병이 어떤 장부에 존재하는지를 파악한다고 하였다. (2) 그런데 동의보감 의 전체적 구성방식을 살펴보면, 망문문절의 진단법 가운데 특히 맥진을 다른 진단법에 비해 중요하게 여겨지고 있음을 알 수 있다. 그 근거로 먼저 동의보감 의 「내경편」ㆍ「외형 편」ㆍ「잡병편」의 전체 88개의 문 가운데 49개의 문에서 [맥법]이
doi:10.14406/acu.2015.027 fatcat:bkhyma5nn5cjjhwpc7toghz4vy