Ecofriendly peanut skin extracts mediated in situ fabrication of rGO@AgNCs for degradation of dyes

Pravin O. Patil, Kajal V. Patel, Sanchita S. Mahale, Prashant K. Deshmukh
2020 Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences  
The study reports facile green in situ method for fabrication of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) based silver nanocomposites (rGO@AgNCs) using peanut skin (Arachis hypogaea) extract. The synthesized rGO@AgNCs were characterized by UVvisible spectroscopy, FTIR, SEM, EDX, particle size and zeta potential analysis. Furthermore, methylene blue (MB) and malachite green (MG) dyes degradation ability of rGO@AgNCs was investigated. The MB and MG dyes were found to be eliminated completely within 40
more » ... in dark condition in the presence of 5 mg rGO@AgNCs.The investigation describes an ecofriendly and cost effective method for the in situ synthesis rGO@AgNCs.
doi:10.18231/j.jpbs.2019.011 fatcat:nw6x2nfpzjcplmwkbct44rbxsi