Selecting Workers Wisely for Crowdsourcing When Copiers and Domain Experts Co-exist

Xiu Fang, Suxin Si, Guohao Sun, Quan Z. Sheng, Wenjun Wu, Kang Wang, Hang Lv
2022 Future Internet  
Crowdsourcing integrates human wisdom to solve problems. Tremendous research efforts have been made in this area. However, most of them assume that workers have the same credibility in different domains and workers complete tasks independently. This leads to an inaccurate evaluation of worker credibility, hampering crowdsourcing results. To consider the impact of worker domain expertise, we adopted a vector to more accurately measure the credibility of each worker. Based on this measurement and
more » ... prior task domain knowledge, we calculated fine-grained worker credibility on each given task. To avoid tasks being assigned to dependent workers who copy answers from others, we conducted copier detection via Bayesian analysis. We designed a crowdsourcing system called SWWC composed of a task assignment stage and a truth discovery stage. In the task assignment stage, we assigned tasks wisely to workers based on worker domain expertise calculation and copier removal. In the truth discovery stage, we computed the estimated truth and worker credibility by an iterative method. Then, we updated the domain expertise of workers to facilitate the upcoming task assignment. We also designed initialization algorithms to better initialize the accuracy of new workers. Theoretical analysis and experimental results showed that our method had a prominent advantage, especially under a copying situation.
doi:10.3390/fi14020037 fatcat:5gtjn3z25fhflbnf4qm2zgp5bu