A Transaction Traffic Control Approach Based on Fuzzy Logic to Improve Hyperledger Fabric Performance

Lei Hang, BumHwi Kim, DoHyeun Kim, Qingqi Pei
2022 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
Blockchain is a potential technology for migrating the central server's processing burden into a decentralized, secure, and transparent manner. This technology has had significant influence and revolution in various industries. However, the limited transaction processing power is a stumbling block, especially compared to proven alternatives like distributed database systems. This paper proposes a transaction traffic control approach based on fuzzy logic to enhance the blockchain network's
more » ... ction processing capacity. The proposed fuzzy controller is implemented in the smart contract to adjust the transaction traffic flow in real-time network conditions automatically. An experiment environment is built on Hyperledger Fabric to demonstrate the design approach's significance. According to the experiment results, the blockchain performance is significantly improved compared to the baseline. Furthermore, the proposed approach is integrated with an existing blockchain performance-enhancing tool, and the results indicate that the proposed approach is flexible enough to integrate with other existing approaches.
doi:10.1155/2022/2032165 fatcat:dqnin5qprffdbcxcosbu2wsnj4