A Study on the Comfort Properties of Carbon Heated Socks (I) - A Study on the Subjective Sensitivity and Emotional Sensibility of Chitosan/SUS Fiber Socks Fabrics-
탄소섬유를 사용한 발열양말의 쾌적성 연구(제1보) - 키토산섬유와 SUS섬유의 양말 소재의 주관적 감각 및 감성에 관한 연구 -

Ji-Eun Lee, Young-Ah Kwon
2010 Fashion & Textile Research Journal  
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of fiber contents of socks fabric on the subjective sensitivity and emotional sensibility of consumers. We investigated the relationship of subjective sensitivity and sensibility according to fiber contents and color value of socks. We made five plain knit fabrics as specimens, with a combination of chitosan/SUS fiber contents and three value levels of grayish color. The subjects were 15 males and 54 females in the twenties. The data analysis
more » ... The data analysis was conducted with Pearson's correlation analysis, ANOVA, Duncan multiple range test, and regression analysis. The major finds were as follows: A factor analysis showed that subjective sensitivity was classified into five factors (bulky, surface-rough, elastic, attention, and variety) and emotional sensibility was into four factors (salience, stability, luxury, and activity). There were significant correlation between the subjective sensitivity and emotional sensibility. The subjective sensitivities of 'surface-rough' and 'elastic' were significantly influenced by fiber contents. The sensibilities of 'salience' and 'luxury' were significantly influenced by fiber contents. Where as the 'salience' and 'roughness' were significant influenced by color value level. According to sex, there were significantly difference in 'bulky', 'elastic' and 'salience'. As a result of the regression analysis, preference, consuming desire and satisfaction appears to be closely related with all subjective sensitivity and sensibility.
doi:10.5805/ksci.2010.12.1.103 fatcat:uwx7nriqpnd43k6pxpzohcerjy