General Solutions for Axisymmetric Elasticity Problems of Elastic Half Space using Hankel Transform Method

Charles Chinwuba Ike
2018 International Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Elasticity problems are formulated using displacement methods or stress methods. In this paper a displacement formulation of axisymmetric elasticity problem is presented. The formulation uses the Boussinesq-Papkovich -Neuber potential function. The problem is then solved by assuming Boussinesq -Papkovich -Neuber potential functions in the form of Bessel functions of order zero and of the first kind. The potential functions are then made to satisfy the governing field equations and the
more » ... s and the associated boundary conditions for the particular problem of a point load at the origin of the semiinfinite linear elastic isotropic soil mass. The unknown parameters of the function are thus determined and used to find the stresses, strains and displacement fields in the loaded soil. The results obtained were identical with the results obtained by Boussinesq. Keywords: Axisymmetric elasticity problem, Boussinesq -Papkovich -Neuber potential function, Bessel functions of order zero and of the first kind, semi-infinite soil mass, displacement formulation, stress formulation.
doi:10.21817/ijet/2018/v10i2/181002112 fatcat:xnh3r636g5h2hgsuogcdginwne