The elliott gas analysis apparatus

E. C. Uhlig
1910 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
Fcb. 28, 1010. uniformly hot so that it will not crnck. Tlicso flasks crack whon tho lcnst blast of air striltcs thom, owing t o tho high boiling oints of tho oils, but thoy taro raroly brokon whon using ti% iron covcr mndo of two doop snnd baths. --- Tho appnrntus is n niodificntion of tlint used b Dr. E. Grnefc for dctcnnininp tlic volntilc sulpl~ur in eon1 It consists of R Inrgo bottlc holding nbout 8 litrcs, fitted with a rubber stopper licld in plneo by n 1lnt brass spring
doi:10.1002/jctb.5000290408 fatcat:olwvk3y5y5bdfjk6briwshwz5q