Investigation of Dynamic Behaviour of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase and Protein Tyrosine Phospatase Reaction Network using Mathematical Model

Wolkenhauer O., Petrov V., Vera J., Nikolov S.
2007 Bioautomation  
The dynamic and bifurcation behaviour of receptor tyrosin kinase (RTK) and protein tyrosine phospatase (PTP) reaction network model is investigated on the basis of Lyapunov-Andronov's theory. According to our qualitative and bifurcation analysis, propagation of phosphorylation is only possible in the unstable regime of the reaction network, i.e. when kinase activity of the receptor increases on phosphorylation. For some values of the model parameters first Lyapunov value can be positive or
more » ... be positive or negative and bistability takes place.
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