Modulation of Phospholipid Signaling by GLABRA2 in Root-Hair Pattern Formation

Y. Ohashi
2003 Science  
trast in the shallow mantle close to 32°N. There is no contradiction, however, because these phases propagate in a different direction, that is, horizontally instead of subvertically, and are primarily sensitive to mantle velocities immediately beneath the Moho, whereas the tomographic inversion can only recover velocities vertically averaged over 100-km depth range because of its limited resolving power. A possible interpretation of the high velocities could be that they represent the front of
more » ... resent the front of a detaching mantle lithosphere, where the wedge thus formed is filled by warmer mantle from the north. The wedge is too thin to be seen in teleseismic tomography but accounts for the southward extent of low P n velocities and strong S n attenuation as well as the dispersion of intermediate-period surface waves.
doi:10.1126/science.1083695 pmid:12775839 fatcat:hd5qlwyv7jblrgd2xb677qpr4m