Delayed eye and other consequences from exposure to methyl isocyanate: 93% follow up of exposed and unexposed cohorts in Bhopal

N Andersson, M K Ajwani, S Mahashabde, M K Tiwari, M K Muir, V Mehra, K Ashiru, C D Mackenzie
1990 Occupational and Environmental Medicine  
A follow up study three years after exposure to methyl isocyanate in 93% of exposed survivors and "control" residents in 10 Bhopali communities showed an excess of eye irritation, eyelid infection, cataract, and a decrease in visual acuity among the exposed people. Breathlessness was twice as common in the heavily exposed clusters as those with lower exposure, a trend that could not be explained by different age or smoking patterns (OR 2 05,
doi:10.1136/oem.47.8.553 fatcat:u2w55vihlnh7pbnkaihcnvjlgm