The Diffusion of Reaction Products from a Radioactive Monolayer

S. G. Mason, W. Rabinovitch
1959 Proceedings of the Royal Society A  
The one-dimensional diffusion equation has been solved for transfer at an exponentially decaying rate from an area source into a semi-infinite diffusion medium. Numerical values of the concentration distribution are given for a wide range of the values of the parameters. The solutions have been used to calculate the radioactive counting rate of a diffusing radio active substance which is being released from the surface, assuming exponential absorption of radiation by the medium. The results
more » ... um. The results have been used specifically to calculate the true rate of exchange of radio-iodine between a monomolecular layer of a-iodostearic acid and iodide ion in a water substrate from the measured rate of decay of radioactivity measured at the surface, but have other possible applications. I n t r o d u c t io n 7 Vol. 249. A.
doi:10.1098/rspa.1959.0009 fatcat:ixbr23z3pvan5bj5li52eshjda