Assessment Factor in Stereotyping of Sociocultural Groups in American Linguoculture

2020 The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Series: Foreign Philology. Methods of Foreign Language Teaching  
The paper deals with the analysis of assessment factor that conditions stereotyping of sociocultural information in American linguoculture. With the purpose to identify the parameters of evaluation of sociocultural groups, different types of assessment that influence stereotyping are considered. Stereotyping as a process of emergence, anchoring and transference of stereotypes in discourse, is always accompanied by evaluation of axiologically relevant traits of representatives of socio-cultural
more » ... roups, thus the topical question is to analyze social standards and norms that determine evaluation. Researchers have recognized evaluative nature of stereotypes, which are structures of generalized and schematic representation of images based on a small number of traits of evaluative character. Assessment of the facts of socio-cultural environment is clearly reflected in interpretative nomination of stereotypes. Evaluation norms are motivated by generally accepted standards with which new phenomena of public life are compared. Different social groups have different ideas and evaluation criteria. Therefore, apart from positive and negative stereotypes, there are ambivalent ones. At societal level, prosperity, success, and enhancement of social status achieved through hard work is the starting point for evaluation on the scale of American social values, so the poles of positive and negative assessment are correlated with a person's success or failure, his/ her orientation toward achievement. At a group level, non-compliance with standards of a group in activities and interests is perceived negatively and arouses contempt for those who violate group norms. Verbal expression of appreciation occurs in stereotype nominations, predicates, and propositions. Verbal expression of assessment occurs in nominations of stereotypes, predicates, and propositions. Expressing the norms and values of the ethnos, sociocultural stereotypes can function as evaluative patterns to which objects of a social environment are compared.
doi:10.26565/2227-8877-2020-91-03 fatcat:lxlotkavlvavjkrby2kyngpt4u