Feature Extraction and Classification of Power Quality Events Based on Fast Fourier Transformation and Artificial Neural Network

2020 Black Sea Journal of Engineering and Science  
This paper presents an effective method for detection and classification of Power Quality Events (PQE), based on Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) for event identification and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technique for classifying of these events. Firstly, synthetic data such as pure sine as a reference, voltage sag, voltage swell, flicker, transient, voltage with harmonics are created in MATLAB based on TS EN 50160 standard. Database with 480 PQE waveforms is generated with 80 samples for
more » ... th 80 samples for each of the 6 types of the waveform with randomly different event amplitude, beginning occurrence time, time duration, frequency component and angle according to a type of event. FFT is used to extract features of the events by decomposing the signal. Then, 16384×480 data are reduced to 480×480 data by applying Principal Component Analysis (PCA) that is prevent over-learning, obtain less runtime using less computing power and reduce data and storage space. Finally, a total of 480 PQE are classified by using ANN. 336 of these PQE are used for training cluster, 72 of PQE are used for verification and the remaining 72 are used for testing. Firstly, the ANN has been trained correctly. The classification performance of the ANN in PQE has been examined by inserting the test into ANN. The performance of ANN is 99.8% for these PQE. The purpose of this research is to provide an artificial intelligence assistant that can fast and accurately advise the power system operators for the networks, and the results also show that the goal has been achieved. Cite as: Güney E, Kocaman Ç. 2021. Feature extraction and classification of power quality events based on fast fourier transformation and artificial neural network.
doi:10.34248/bsengineering.817238 fatcat:2rgkw42azffnli2jxmapl5ifxi