Temporalidades sincrônicas: as narrativas audiovisuais digitais na música eletrônica [thesis]

Adriana Anunciação Ramos
The research seeks to describe and analyse the experiences of temporality in digital narratives developed specifically by the audiovisual digital production of the group of Vjs Embolex. The study will take place from a comparative analysis on the influence of media narratives on perception of the modern temporality and the temporalities offered by new communication technologies and their narratives. We seek to understand to what extent the insertion of digital technologies have caused changes
more » ... ve caused changes in the displacement of the notion of diachronic temporality providing the advent of other technical temporalities. Firstly, the context of the diachronic narratives produced by the media is drawn through an introductory historical analysis that establishes the relationship between the different media technologies (oral, written and electronic) and the type of temporality they engender. Secondly, the research seeks to develop a study on the audiovisual digital production of Embolex Vjs'. The analysis of these productions aims to identify the specific types of technical temporalities presented by their narratives, beyond their specific content and aesthetics.
doi:10.11606/d.27.2011.tde-23092011-172239 fatcat:pv453hawrzcn7pfw2pkdsbuiji