Design of heterogeneous interior notched specimens for material mechanical characterization

Mariana Conde, António Andrade-Campos, Miguel Guimarães Oliveira, João Miguel Peixoto Martins
2021 ESAFORM 2021  
Nowadays, virtual predictions are essential in the design and development of new engineering parts. A critical aspect for virtual predictions is the accuracy of the constitutive model to simulate the material behavior. A state-of-the-art constitutive model generally involves a large number of parameters, and according to classical procedures, this requires many mechanical experiments for its accurate identification. Fortunately, this large number of mechanical experiments can be reduced using
more » ... terogeneous mechanical tests, which provide richer mechanical information than classical homogeneous tests. However, the test's richness is much dependent on the specimen's geometry and can be improved with the development of new specimens. Therefore, this work aims to design a uniaxial tensile load test that presents heterogeneous strain fields using a shape optimization methodology, by controlling the specimen's interior notch shape. The optimization problem is driven by a cost function composed by several indicators of the heterogeneity present in the specimen. Results show that the specimen's heterogeneity is increased with a non-circular interior notch. The achieved virtual mechanical test originates both uniaxial tension and shear strain states in the plastic region, being the uniaxial tension strain state predominant.
doi:10.25518/esaform21.2502 fatcat:ucsibbwhmvhufhv7cethforavm