Greedy forwarding in scale-free networks embedded in hyperbolic metric spaces

Dmitri Krioukov, Fragkiskos Papadopoulos, Marián Boguñá, Amin Vahdat
2009 Performance Evaluation Review  
In this work we show that: i) the roughly hierarchical structure of complex networks is congruent with negatively curved geometries hidden beneath the observed topologies; ii) the most straightforward mapping of nodes to spaces of negative curvature naturally leads to the emergence of scale-free topologies; and iii) greedy routing on this embedding is efficient for these topologies, achieving both 100% reachability and optimal path lengths, even under dynamic network conditions. The critical
more » ... ns. The critical important question left by this work is whether the topologies of real networks can be mapped into appropriate hidden hyperbolic metric spaces.
doi:10.1145/1639562.1639568 fatcat:tzg36il7srb53l4wieuct4tnca