Research of Coil Spring for Refrigeration Linear Compressor

2022 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
Abstract:The spring is the key part to realize the resonance control of the piston of the linear compressor and to affect the compressor's life. In order to solve the problems of small stiffness and large number of plate springs used in compressors, a kind of multi-arm Archimedes spiral coil spring is designed. Finite element method is used to analyze the influence of parameters of Archimedes spiral on the stiffness of the spring arm, such as the base circle radius r, the sweep angle slightly θ
more » ... and the constant of the pitch b. In view of the influence of multiple factors on the stiffness of the coil spring arm, the finite element response surface optimization method is adopted to optimize the stiffness performance of the cylindrical coil spring arm. The axial stiffness and radial stiffness of the optimized cylindrical coil spring arm are increased by 42.5% and 26.8% respectively. The stiffness test experiment was carried out on the two-arm coil spring and the three-arm coil spring, and their performance was analyzed and compared. It was concluded that the radial stiffness and mass characteristics of the three-arm coil spring were better than that of the two-arm coil spring under the same axial stiffness condition . Finally, the three-arm coil spring is applied to the linear compressor, which can replace 6 plate springs, and the axial stiffness can reach 25.6 N/mm. Moreover, it has good radial support effect, which can meet the axial * 国家自然基金( 51874157 )、辽宁省教育厅基础研究项目(LJ2020JCL026)、辽 宁省自然科学基金(2019-MS-161)、 2019 年度辽宁省高等学校创新人才 (理) (LR2019030)和辽宁省教育厅基础研究(LJ2020JCL026)资助项目。20210205 收到初稿,20210625 收到修改稿
doi:10.3901/jme.2022.03.167 fatcat:mhzkm2b4jjdnvcfjuzxh5su46a