Statistical Cross-Linking at theSi(111)/SiO2Interface

D.-A. Luh, T. Miller, T.-C. Chiang
1997 Physical Review Letters  
Angle-resolved photoemission measurements of the Si 2p core level as a function of polar emission angle were carried out to investigate the atomic populations and depth distributions of Si in various oxidation states for a SiO 2 film thermally grown on Si(111). The suboxide states including Si 11 , Si 21 , and Si 31 exhibit different depth distributions. Despite these differences, the results are consistent with a chemically abrupt interface. A simple model based on the statistical
more » ... stical cross-linking of dangling bonds between a bulk-truncated Si and an amorphous SiO 2 layer explains our observations. [S0031-9007(97)04292-0]
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.79.3014 fatcat:yqdeieztx5hwlgpjkxne7gmpxq