The Consultants� Fair: An active learning pedagogical methodology for large groups

2018 Revista d'Innovació i Recerca en Educació  
INTRODUCTION. This study provides empirical evidence of how active learning methodologies contribute to developing students' competencies and improving their satisfaction in large classroom settings. The study examines two group-based methodologies: i) «You be the Consultant» (a case study project in which participants analyse an organizational challenge and suggest strategic solutions); and ii) the «Consultants' Fair» (an active learning methodology to pool the group project). METHODS. We used
more » ... a longitudinal research design with a sample of 250 students (50 teams). We collected data at two points while students were completing their projects. Students self-assessed their characteristics, competencies, and satisfaction. The dependent variable (team performance) was collected from various sources. RESULTS. Our findings reveal that satisfaction mediates the relationship between individual differences (self-assessed competencies, conscientiousness, and self-efficacy) and team results. Furthermore, qualitative feedback provides evidence of the fast learning curve for competencies. DISCUSSION. The «Consultants' Fair» promotes practice-based training, in which students are given time to practice their competencies. In terms of class dynamics and due to the learning by teaching methodology, the use of time is more efficient because students practise competencies simultaneously and consecutively. The initial strain of talking in front of an audience disappears gradually as students repeat their speech to their «visitors» consecutively; this is «learning by doing». //
doi:10.1344/reire2018.11.220677 fatcat:gfyhqvyy5zaktbtu2m6pkvgcni