Reform of Practical Teaching Mode of Public Security Administrative Law in the Platform of Cooperation of School and Bureau of Public Security

Qiao Wang
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology   unpublished
Cooperation of school and bureau of public security rises in recent years as a training mode for application-oriented talents, mainly for personnel training in police colleges. Police talent education includes theoretical knowledge education and professional practice education. Compared to other professions, this profession puts more emphasis on cultivating of practical ability. Therefore, faced with the requirements of practice-oriented training in police education, taking the method of joint
more » ... he method of joint education mode of cooperation of police educational institutions and public security departments is a proper choice to further promote the talent training and great development of education. Public Security Administrative Law Public security administration refers to national public security departments' behaviors of management, organization, control and maintenance of public affairs, which aims to safeguard the security and stability of the entire society. On this basis, public security administrative law is the legal norms and scientific guaranteed which public security should comply with when they implement these behaviors. Public security administrative law, based on the public security administrative statute and regulations, combined with the current development results and latest academic research of administration theory, by analyzing and studying the public security administrative practices, further specifies and embodies the requirements and guidelines of Chinese public security administration. Public security administrative law is a branch of administrative law in our country, which is a more specific and detailed administrative regulation. It, combined with appropriate practical experience, boasts the significant features of being practical, feasible and theoretical, which is an important part of China's legal education. Problems of Practical Teaching of Administrative Law Despite the growing importance has been attached to teaching of public security administrative law, there are still 5 problems existing in the old teaching practice: Teaching ignores the important role of practice Law is a highly specialized expertise. In daily education and learning, in order to have a better quality of professional legal knowledge, teachers focus on teaching basic types of law, basic meaning and significance of law, and students put emphasis on memorizing the connotation of law. In this theoretical teaching, students majoring in law only know what the law is but don't know how to use the law, being eloquent about the law but having only empty talk when they need to apply it. This is a major problem in current teaching practice------ignoring the practice of public security administrative law. A complete system of teaching of administrative law has not yet formed This problem is mainly manifested in the current teacher-oriented education mode, not allowing students to play full of their autonomy. Take the case of professor of administrative law as an
doi:10.2991/icemct-15.2015.204 fatcat:s4u2pyjafzftdazc5qlwuqlxey