AI4RFQ: Exploiting User Annotations Towards Automating the Extraction of Information and Requirements from Specification Documents

Rene Kaiser, Hermann Stern
2021 International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems  
A common task in business-to-business relationships is the analysis of specification documents within a request for quotation (RFQ) process. For non-standard products or services, one company with a need provides detailed specifications to potential suppliers and invites them to make an offer. In order to create an offer that fits with the specification, a supplier company needs to carefully inspect the documents to extract any requirements that are relevant for designing the contents of this
more » ... fer and calculating its price. In a research effort focusing on HCI and natural language processing aspects, we seek methods and technology to support such RFQ processes. We have created a software tool that supports the reading and requirements identification process with a set of intelligent features that are expected to speed up the process significantly. Whenever users are extracting information, they are asked to annotate all text passages that contain relevant information. This annotation data is used to train machine learning models that provide suggestions in the future. The degree of automation increases continuously as more example data is collected. We strive to participate in the 'Automation Experience at the Workplace' workshop to discuss this change in work practice for our target users in terms of a technical as well as a user experience dimension. We would like to especially reflect on users' motivation to cooperate with the system and provide useful annotations (sharing their precious work expertise), the question of responsibility when dealing with automatic suggestions, as well as the fear of being replaced by 'an Artificial Intelligence' in the near future. CCS Concepts: • Human-centered computing → HCI design and evaluation methods; • Information systems → Search interfaces; • Applied computing → Document searching.
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