I.B.M.A. Dwijatenaya, I. Raden, Thamrin, A. Damayanti
2020 Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences  
This study aims to analyze the management of corn production and farming, analyze the corn value chain, analyze the difference in marketing margins between the corn commodity value chain actors, and analyze the marketing efficiency among value chain actors. The study was conducted in Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia by taking six sub-districts as samples, namely Samboja, Sebulu, Tenggarong, Tenggarong Seberang, Marangkayu, and Muara Badak Sub-Districts. The number
more » ... tricts. The number of samples for farmers is 240 respondents using the random sampling method and the channel informant is determined by the snowball method. The results showed that the corn farm production management function was good, only the production control function showed that corn production was still low. The results of the analysis for corn farming from 240 respondents with an area of 352 ha totalling 653,290 kg with an average of 1,855.94 kg per hectare. The price of corn at the time of the study was an average of IDR 4,267 per kg. The total farm income per planting season is IDR 4,938,016,750. The total cost is IDR 1,747,582,947 per planting season. Income of IDR 3,190,433,803 per planting season. R/C ratio obtained 2.82 means that corn farming is feasible to be cultivated. The main actors in the corn value chain are farmers, village / sub-district collectors, district collectors, retailers and consumers. Corn supply chain channels are channel 0, channel 1A, 1B, channel 2, and channel 3. The margin received by village (sub-district) collectors on channel 1A is IDR 3,281, channel 2 is IDR 2,200, and channel 3 is IDR 1,875. The margin received by district collectors on channel 3 is IDR 1,250. The margin received by retailers in the IB channel is IDR 3,750, -on channel 2, it is IDR 1,800, and on channel 3, it is IDR 1,750, -. The efficiency value of all marketing institutions involved in corn marketing activities in Kutai Kartanegara Regency is <1 which means efficient.
doi:10.18551/rjoas.2020-10.16 fatcat:27kkfj7swzh6vk4n76nvrzp2da