Hydrogen Production from Catalytic Gasification of Çan Lignite

Açelya Seçer, Arif Hasanoğlu
2019 Journal of the Institute of Science and Technology  
In this study, various parameters (coal particle size, temperature, mixing speed, electrode material and addition of Fe +2 ion) affecting hydrogen production by electrolysis of Çanakkale/Çan lignitewater slurries were investigated. Experiments were carried out in two electrode (anode/cathode) electrolysis cell, in acidic medium using 1 M H2SO4 as electrolyte at atmospheric pressure. Figure A. Electrolysis system Purpose: In this study, it is aimed to obtain an approximation of optimum hydrogen
more » ... f optimum hydrogen production conditions by examining the effects of various parameters such as coal particle size, electrode material, temperature, mixing speed and catalytic effective additives added to solution on hydrogen production by electrolysis of Çanakkale/Çan lignite. Theory and Methods: By using coal in the electrolysis method, it is possible to reduce the cost resulting from high energy consumption and thus more economical production of high purity hydrogen. For this purpose, Çanakkale/Çan lignite was used in the experiments. In the experiments carried out in simple electrolysis cell, the effect of various parameters on current density was investigated by potentiostatic method. All examined parameters and their effects on current density are given in the paper. Results: The results have shown that the highest hydrogen production efficiency for the electrolysis cell in which the experiments are carried out is achieved by using Zn/Zn electrode at high temperature, Fe +2 /Fe +3 doped medium, small particle size and high mixing speed. In addition to this, it is determined that Cu and Zn, which are more economical than expensive electrode materials such as Pt, can be used as electrode material. Conclusion: The effects of various parameters (coal particle size, electrode material, solution temperature, solution mixing speed and catalytic additive added to the solution) on current density for hydrogen production by electrolysis of Çanakkale/Çan lignite are presented in this study. Depending on the determined parameters for hydrogen production, an approach has been obtained regarding optimum hydrogen production under the studied conditions. In addition, due to the low calorific value of Çan lignite, which is a low-rank coal in terms of coalification process, its usage area is limited. With this conducted study, it is seen that utilization of low-rank coals in this type of applications can be achieved with very efficient results.
doi:10.21597/jist.427802 fatcat:zoa4i6xz5bdklhxgsj6oaoe6lq