1919 Journal of the American Chemical Society  
z,4-Diethoxy-chloroacetani1ide.-One g. of the base was dissolved in a mixture of 5 cc. of acetic acid and j cc. of saturated sodium acetate solution, diluted with 30 cc. of 5 0 %~ acetic acid and chloroacetylated in the usual way. After dilution the product was filtered off and recrystallized from 85y0 alcohol, separating as delicate, woolly needles, which melt a t roz-3 with slight preliminary softening. The substance is quite soluble in alcohol at room temperature, very readily in acetone,
more » ... oroform, or benzene. It is difficultly soluble in cold ligroin, readily on heating, and also dissolves sparingly in boiling water. Subs., o.rg41: (Kjeldahl), 5.85 cc. 0.1 1J HCI. Calc for C~LHI~IO~NCI. N, 5.44. Found. 5.32.
doi:10.1021/ja02230a015 fatcat:mhldtxgtebb4jlkepyghsapkbu