English Learning Beliefs of English Majors and Non-English Majors

Hyewon Cho
2016 Modern English Education  
English communicative competence is now considered as a golden key to the successful integration into the world. However, it is widely accepted that oral communicative competence of English non-majors in Vietnam is far from expectation at the completion of university education. Meanwhile, studies on communication strategies (CSs) are insufficient in Vietnam as most previous communication-related studies in Vietnamese context appeared to mainly focus on linguistic or methodological factors
more » ... ncing communicative competences of Vietnamese students. Thus, this paper reports a study which generalizes communication strategies by Vietnamese non-majors of English whose English proficiency is intermediate. The study was both quantitative qualitative in which an integrated CS framework by Malasit, Y. and Sarobol, N. (2013) [1] combining those of Tarone (1980) [2], Faerch & Kasper (1983) [3], and Dornyei & Scott (1997) [4] was used to analyse and identify students' use of CSs in their recorded speaking performance. Data from recordings and informal interviews with the students will help provide recommendations for English teaching and learning for communicative competence in Vietnam.
doi:10.18095/meeso.2016.17.4.10 fatcat:froydosvsbevjntq36ry4uf7rm