Reaction of soybean varieties to natural water extracts in different method of their application

Magdalena Piekutowska
The subject of the following study is the reaction of six varieties of soybeans (Glycine max L. Merr.): Abelina, Augusta, Merlin, Mavka, Aligaor, Lisabon, on an aqueous decoction of dried Artemisia absinthium L. used as wet seed treatment. The experiment was carried out in a greenhouse belonging to the Experimental Station for Variety Testing in Karzniczka. Two combinations of the extract were used: 24h soaking of seeds in the decoction followed by sowing and soaking in distilled water followed
more » ... lled water followed by sowing, but untreated seeds with simultaneous dosing of herbal extract. The control group were seeds not treated with preparations. After sixteen days of the test, the average number of plant growth was determined for each experimental combination. The morphological characteristics of the seedlings: length of shoots and roots as well as fresh and dry mass of shoots and roots were evaluated for ten randomly selected plants from each experimental combination. The results of the greenhouse experiment showed different reaction to the application of the decoction in the form of a seed treatment. Soil application of the extract led to the improvement of soybean growth. Seedlings of all varieties, the seeds of which were treated and sown, developed a longer and stronger root system at the expense of a slight reduction in the length and weight of the shoots. The 24h soaking of seeds in the decoction of Artemisia absinthium caused the deterioration of emergence and the visible inhibition of the growth and development of soybean seedlings. The inhibition of germination and emergence by the tested extract excludes the possibility of agricultural application. Further research is needed to identify the bioactive compounds contained in the used decoction and to assess the real effectiveness of the soil application of the extracts under field conditions.