A mixed integer disjunctive model for transmission network expansion

L. Bahiense, G.C. Oliveira, M. Pereira, S. Granville
2001 IEEE Transactions on Power Systems  
The classical nonlinear mixed integer formulation of the transmission network expansion problem cannot guarantee finding the optimal solution due to its nonconvex nature. We propose an alternative mixed integer linear disjunctive formulation, which has better conditioning properties than the standard disjunctive model. The mixed integer program is solved by a commercial Branch and Bound code, where an upper bound provided by a heuristic solution is used to reduce the tree search. The heuristic
more » ... olution is obtained using a GRASP metaheuristic, capable of finding sub-optimal solutions with an affordable computing effort. Combining the upper bound given by the heuristic and the mixed integer disjunctive model, optimality can be proven for several hard problem instances.
doi:10.1109/59.932295 fatcat:eqmdzu4po5eblnwahklutdksoy