Distillation of secret-key from a class of compound memoryless quantum sources

H. Boche, G. Janßen
2016 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
We consider secret-key distillation from tripartite compound classical-quantum-quantum (cqq) sources with free forward public communication under strong security criterion. We design protocols which are universally reliable and secure in this scenario. These are shown to achieve asymptotically optimal rates as long as a certain regularity condition is fulfilled by the the set of its generating density matrices. We derive a multi-letter formula which describes the optimal forward secret-key
more » ... ity for all compound cqq sources being regular in this sense. We also determine the forward secret-key distillation capacity for situations, where the legitimate sending party has perfect knowledge of his/her marginal state deriving from the source statistics. In this case regularity conditions can be dropped. Our results show that the capacities with and without the mentioned kind of state knowledge are equal as long as the source is generated by a regular set of density matrices. We demonstrate that regularity of cqq sources is not only a technical but also an operational issue. For this reason, we give an example of a source which has zero secret-key distillation capacity without sender knowledge, while achieving positive rates is possible if sender marginal knowledge is provided.
doi:10.1063/1.4960217 fatcat:s26xgnsdivf7fbw4j336uiaxne