New reef-type PGE enrichment of the 2.44-Ga Junttilanniemi layered intrusion in Kainuu region, Finland

Halkoaho T. A. A., Geological Survey of Finland, Niskanen M., Geological Survey of Finland
2021 The Fennoscandian School of Ore Genesis in Layered Intrusions   unpublished
The Junttilanniemi layered intrusion is located in the Kainuu region, Finland. The intrusion contains three main units: marginal series, layered series and granophyre. The layered series being further divided into three megacyclic units (MCUs). Quite recently, during year 2010, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) located from the Junttilanniemi intrusion a new reef-type platinum-group element (PGE) enrichment of the 2.44 Ga Fennoscandian layered intrusion.
doi:10.31241/arlin.2021.010 fatcat:2jr2coizsnaffcerrpz4jolsne