Natural Brain-Inspired Intelligence for Non-Gaussian and Nonlinear Environments with Finite Memory

Naghshvarianjahromi, Kumar, Deen
2020 Applied Sciences  
The cyber processing layer of smart systems based on a cognitive dynamic system (CDS) can be a good solution for better decision making and situation understanding in non-Gaussian and nonlinear environments (NGNLE). The NGNLE situation understanding means deciding between certain known situations in NGNLE to understand the current state condition. Here, we report on a cognitive decision-making (CDM) system inspired by the human brain decision-making. The simple low-complexity algorithmic design
more » ... of the proposed CDM system can make it suitable for real-time applications. A case study of the implementation of the CDS on a long-haul fiber-optic orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) link was performed. An improvement in Q-factor of ~7 dB and an enhancement in data rate efficiency ~43% were achieved using the proposed algorithms. Furthermore, an extra 20% data rate enhancement was obtained by guaranteeing to keep the CDM error automatically under the system threshold. The proposed system can be extended as a general software-based platform for brain-inspired decision making in smart systems in the presence of nonlinearity and non-Gaussian characteristics. Therefore, it can easily upgrade the conventional systems to a smart one for autonomic CDM applications.
doi:10.3390/app10031150 fatcat:ncafexnnsbb7pp6kqnvqktvcrq