An adaptive data replication algorithm

Ouri Wolfson, Sushil Jajodia, Yixiu Huang
1997 ACM Transactions on Database Systems  
This article addresses the performance of distributed database systems. Specifically, we present an algorithm for dynamic replication of an object in distributed systems. The algorithm is adaptive in the sense that it changes the replication scheme of the object (i.e., the set of processors at which the object is replicated) as changes occur in the read-write pattern of the object (i.e., the number of reads and writes issued by each processor). The algorithm continuously moves the replication
more » ... heme towards an optimal one. We show that the algorithm can be combined with the concurrency control and recovery mechanisms of a distributed database management system. The performance of the algorithm is analyzed theoretically and experimentally. On the way we provide a lower bound on the performance of any dynamic replication algorithm. When the (if) condition of the contraction or switch test is satisfied, then we say that the test succeeds. Otherwise, we say that it fails. Adaptive Replication Algorithm • 261
doi:10.1145/249978.249982 fatcat:rsqr6hxgb5bindqpef2hl5ptvy