Dynamic channel selection in wireless communications via a multi-armed bandit algorithm using laser chaos time series [article]

Shungo Takeuchi, Mikio Hasegawa, Kazutaka Kanno, Atsushi Uchida, Nicolas Chauvet, Makoto Naruse
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Dynamic channel selection is among the most important wireless communication elements in dynamically changing electromagnetic environments wherein a user can experience improved communication quality by choosing a better channel. Multi-armed bandit (MAB) algorithms are a promising approach by which the difficult tradeoff between exploration to search for better a channel and exploitation to experience enhanced communication quality is resolved. Ultrafast solution of MAB problems has been
more » ... rated by utilizing chaotically oscillating time series generated by semiconductor lasers. In this study, we experimentally demonstrate a MAB algorithm incorporating laser chaos time series in a wireless local area network (WLAN). Autonomous and adaptive dynamic channel selection is successfully demonstrated in an IEEE802.11a-based, four-channel WLAN. Although the laser chaos time series is arranged prior to the WLAN experiments, the results confirm the usefulness of ultrafast chaotic sequences for real wireless applications. In addition, we numerically examine the underlining adaptation mechanism of the significantly simplified MAB algorithm implemented in the present study compared with the previously reported chaos-based decision makers. This study provides a first step toward the application of ultrafast chaotic lasers for future high-performance wireless communication networks.
arXiv:1909.03629v1 fatcat:bmxtukdkrbftfl3qbt2axslj5y