Heavy Mineral Content of Sediments from Deep Sea Drill Sites 259–263, Eastern Indian Ocean [chapter]

B.K. McKnight
1974 Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project  
Sixty-two samples from five different Leg 27 sites yielded sparse heavy-mineral suites, mostly from fine-grained Mesozoic and Cenozoic unconsolidated sediments. Minerals characteristic of numerous source rock types occur throughout the sedimentary column. Pyroxene is the dominant unstable component in the Mesozoic sediments and hornblende in the Cenozoic sediments. The appearance and disappearance of certain mineral species at different sites throughout deposition of eastern Indian Ocean
more » ... Indian Ocean sediments suggests dispersal patterns may play as important a role in sediment distribution as do changes in provenance. Late Cenozoic sediments from Site 262 in the Timor Trough yield a simple epidote-amphibole suite with a greater total abundance of heavy minerals.
doi:10.2973/dsdp.proc.27.124.1974 fatcat:xadsedqxkzdxtkwiokcs5qguny