Effect of Polypropylene Fiber on Frost Resistance of Cemented Soil

Lina Xu, Lei Niu
2019 Materiale plastice  
Polypropylene fiber is widely used as a reinforcing material in composite materials of various engineering projects, because it has high strength and corrosion resistance. In this study, with the purpose of examine the impact of discrete polypropylene fiber on frost resistance of cemented soil, cemented soil treated with polypropylene fiber is used as the research sample. Firstly, the impact of curing time, fiber content and length on the strength of cemented soil has been considered. And then,
more » ... the frost resistance characteristics of cemented soil reinforced by polypropylene fiber with the content of 0.5% have been investigated. The results show that with the development of curing time, the strength of cemented soil increases logarithmically. By adding an appropriate amount of polypropylene fiber, the strength of the specimen may be improved. In this study, cemented soil reinforced by polypropylene fiber 0.1% in content and 3 mm in length has the best reinforcement effect. After 21 cycles of freezing and thawing processes, a sharp decline in strength of cemented soil without fiber, and the strength loss ratio is up to 45%. There are cracks in the specimens, and some of the specimens have broken off. Differently, after 21 freeze-thaw cycles, the strength of the cemented soil with fiber decreased less, and the strength loss ratios are between 1 and 13%, and there are only small cracks on the surface of specimens. The results show that adding discrete polypropylene fiber is a suitable method to prevent the generation and development of internal cracks in the cemented soil during freezing and thawing, thereby improving the frost resistance. These results can be used as a reference for the application of cemented soil reinforced with fiber in seasonal frozen regions.
doi:10.37358/mp.20.2.5353 fatcat:zygjm5s56nfpxc6fzm6g5kpzpq