A High Power Factor, Electrolytic Capacitor-Less AC-Input LED Driver Topology With High Frequency Pulsating Output Current

John C. W. Lam, Praveen K. Jain
2015 IEEE transactions on power electronics  
One of the most efficient lighting technologies is based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs). usually require a bulk electrolytic capacitor to decrease low-frequency ripple in the output. However, the critical element that limits the lifespan of the LED driver is the electrolytic capacitor. An isolated off-line LED driver is proposed in this paper, in which the required output capacitance is reduced so that the electrolytic capacitor can be omitted from the driver structure. The driver's
more » ... on and controlling method provide a high input power factor. Just a single switch and therefore a single controlling IC have been used in the proposed structure. The input power factor correction is implemented utilizing a boost-based method, and a novel structure is introduced for dc/dc conversion section. Power factor correction and dc/dc conversion are performed employing a simplistic and single controlling system. The output current feeding the LEDs is a high frequency pulsating current. Calculations, simulations and experimental waveforms of a laboratory prototype are presented to confirm the validity of the proposed driver.
doi:10.1109/tpel.2014.2309555 fatcat:ufae3wuzjnel5jovbrc52strza