Canadian housing policy and the future demand for housing : a demographic analysis and a look into the future

Heather Jane Hamilton-Wright
Between 19.51 and 1971 the population of Canada increased 50 per cent from 14.1 million to 21.5 million. Simultaneous with the increase, significant changes in the composition of the population were occurring. Age distributions shifted as the post-war baby boom matured. The non-family portion of the household stock increased from 13.3 to 18 per cent. Growing proportions of households were locating in the urban areas. However, there has been virtually no attempt to modify Canadian housing policy
more » ... to better suit the changing population. Home-ownership and the single family dwelling continue to be encouraged. This thesis examines these and other demographic changes and analyses recent projections of the Canadian population in an attempt to determine the suitability of current housing policy in the light of possible future populations. While recognizing the limitations of using projections based on trends, until a better model is provided, this study illustrates the possibility that today's housing policy may be mis-shaping the housing stock for future populations if current trends continue.
doi:10.14288/1.0093990 fatcat:m2s4tpkhxzepdb2gyryfnu6yui