Why 'Galactic' gamma-ray bursts might depend on environment: Blast waves around neutron stars

Martin J. Rees, Peter Mészáros, Mitchell C. Begelman
1994 AIP Conference Proceedings  
Although galactic models for gamma-ray bursts are hard to reconcile with the isotropy data, the issue is still sufficiently open that both options should be explored. The most likely 'triggers' for bursts in our Galaxy would be violent disturbances in the magnetospheres of neutron stars. Any event of this kind is likely to expel magnetic flux and plasma at relativistic speed. Such ejecta would be braked by the interstellar medium (ISM), and a gamma-ray flash may result from this interaction.
more » ... radiative efficiency, of this mechanism would depend on the density of the circumstellar ISM. Therefore, even if neutron stars were uniformly distributed in space (at least within 1-2 kpc of the Sun), the observed locations of bursts would correlate with regions of above-average ISM density.
doi:10.1063/1.45812 fatcat:nbxkeek7bragjfapfkus4lronq