Two-dimensional MHD simulations of accretion disk evaporation

Kenji E. Nakamura
2006 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
We simulate the accretion disk evaporation to study the changes of accretion disk structure during the state transition from the soft state to the hard state. We performed 2 dimensional MHD simulations by including the heat conduction process. We assume the axisymmetric accretion and put a cold rotating gas torus in a hot halo in hydrostatic equilibrium initially. Weak magnetic fields are threaded vertically. Heat conduction equation and MHD equations are solved separately according to the time
more » ... cording to the time splitting method. We obtained the result that accretion disk is heated by the hot corona and the hot gas evaporates from the accretion disk surface. We found that magnetic fields lines bended by disk rotation restrict the energy transport vertically and make disk evaporation ineffective.
doi:10.1017/s174392130700573x fatcat:hmo46aac25h4zmqo4osmpc7o6a