Fractal and multiband communication antennas

Y. Lee, J. Yeo, R. Mittra, S. Ganguly, J. Tenbarge
Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & IC's  
In this paper we present two novel multiband antenna designs for multiple frequency applications. The first of these, which is based on fractal concepts, is a Sierpinski gasket type of fractal configuration, printed on a dielectric substrate backed by a ground plane. We propose a novel approach to enhancing its multiband performance, in terms of impedance matching characteristics as well as radiation patterns, at three operating frequencies. The second design combines a rectangular microstrip
more » ... ngular microstrip patch with a cylindrical dielectric resonator, and operates at multiple frequencies. Specifically, we describe a stacked configuration of a dielectric resonator antenna on a microstrip patch for three frequency bands. Circular polarization is obtained by utilizing four coax feeds in phase quadrature. This configuration is found to exhibit good cross-pol rejection characteristics.
doi:10.1109/wct.2003.1321521 fatcat:eithozhs2bcmba7pvvtpxoqcwq