Friction factor of two-dimensional rough-boundary turbulent soap film flows

Nicholas Guttenberg, Nigel Goldenfeld
2009 Physical Review E  
We use momentum transfer arguments to predict the friction factor f in two-dimensional turbulent soap-film flows with rough boundaries (an analogue of three-dimensional pipe flow) as a function of Reynolds number Re and roughness r, considering separately the inverse energy cascade and the forward enstrophy cascade. At intermediate Re, we predict a Blasius-like friction factor scaling of f∝Re^-1/2 in flows dominated by the enstrophy cascade, distinct from the energy cascade scaling of Re^-1/4.
more » ... or large Re, f ∼ r in the enstrophy-dominated case. We use conformal map techniques to perform direct numerical simulations that are in satisfactory agreement with theory, and exhibit data collapse scaling of roughness-induced criticality, previously shown to arise in the 3D pipe data of Nikuradse.
doi:10.1103/physreve.79.065306 pmid:19658555 fatcat:lhw5cmr6ujflnmysoqthpbdxsq