Comparison of learning styles and preferred teaching methods of students in Fasa University of Medical Sciences

Najafi Kalyani, Karimi Sh, Jamshidi
2010 Arak Medical University Journal (AMUJ) Original Article Winter   unpublished
The important reality is that all of human developments and successes are due to learning. Knowing students learning styles will help to produce an educational plan in order to optimal and effective learning. The aim of this study was the comparison of learning styles and preferred teaching methods of different students of medical sciences. Materials and Methods: This study is a cross-sectional research. That was done on all students at Fasa Medical Sciences University in 2009. For data
more » ... g, questionnaires of demographic variables and Kolb Learning Style Inventory (KLSI) was used and analyzed. Results: Majority of students learning style was convergent learning (38.3%) and then assimilator learning style (29.9%). More frequent preferred teaching method was group discussion. There was a significant difference between learning styles and course of students (P=0.011). Conclusion: Since, the majority of students had convergent and assimilator learning styles is recommended, considering the diversity of learning styles, educational methods related ro learning styles were using.