A Study on Pre-Adolescent's Scientific Creativity Relationship with Scholastic Achievements

V Sharma Dean
2017 Motherhood International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research & Development A Peer Reviewed Refereed International Research Journal   unpublished
Scientific creativity cannot be taught but can be developed in the children by using planned strategies and techniques. Divergent thinking aspects can be stimulated among the students who don't separately show it. The role of the teachers, school administration, parents and society is very important for fostering creativity among pupils. To encourage each and every student to participate all science activities organized by the department of science and technology of Indian government or state
more » ... vernment such as children science fair, children sciencecongress and science Olympiads and science festivals at school, block, district, state and national level. A Study on Pre-Adolescent's Scientific Creativity ..... 27 | P a g e 24 78 13 48 1.96 NS 26 68 14.2 ALL BOYS 52 71 19.3 98 0.22 NS ALL GIRLS 48 72 14.5 This table reveals that Hindi medium girls show significant difference in their mean scores of scholastic achievement. Apart from girls, English medium boys also show very significant difference in the mean scores of their scholastic achievement. Critical ratio of the boys and girls, Hindi and English medium girls, English medium boys and girls don't show significant difference in the mean scores of scholastics achievements.