Vladimir Simón Montoya Torres
2017 Módulo Arquitectura CUC  
The Pachacutec 1.0 workshop is an academic methodology proposed in an environment located between the urban and rural boundary of the province of Huancayo, department of Junín. In the first stage of this article, the geographic and landscape qualities of the work site are described, to later expand with a description of the most important elements of the study environment, such as the landscape, ancestral cultures and contemporary local traditions; then an explanation of the formulation of the
more » ... onceptual idea of the proposed workshop is given, based on the antecedents of Andean cosmovision and historical data that shape and justify the workshop called Pachacutec. With the objective of developing a rural urban intervention within a community, by linking the inhabitants to their contributions, we can propose architecture coherent with their environment and real needs. This last stage came to its conclusion with the presentation of the work in their own community where the students supported with all the graphic and visual information presented their work to the attending population, ending this academic stage very rich in experiences and social connections, cultural and academic.
doi:10.17981/moducuc.18.1.2017.08 fatcat:eojkqfpyt5grtafxamqqprpjq4