A. S. Ashmead
1892 Science  
THROUGH the courtesy of Captain J. R. Durke. of the bark " H. 6 The temperature in the ship's cabin, during the entire voyage nearly, was over SO0; in the sun, in the Indian Ocean and tropics, it mas as high as 12(iU. In Japan, kakk6 occurs in the season when the sun is very hot and the air very damp, and the days when these conditions are particularly oppressive, the patients are regularly worse. 5 Bor some pertinent comparisons between the physics of the earth and of Mars, with special
more » ... with special reference to the state of internal stress of an elastic sphere under tide-generating forces, but with no mention of the lines of Xars, see Mr. Darwin's paper, "On the Stresses caused in the Interior of the Earth by Weight cf Continents and Mountains," in the same "Transactions," Vo1.178.
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