Cross-Cutting Political Awareness through Diverse News Recommendations [article]

Bibek Paudel, Abraham Bernstein
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The suggestions generated by most existing recommender systems are known to suffer from a lack of diversity, and other issues like popularity bias. As a result, they have been observed to promote well-known "blockbuster" items, and to present users with "more of the same" choices that entrench their existing beliefs and biases. This limits users' exposure to diverse viewpoints and potentially increases political polarization. To promote the diversity of views, we developed a novel computational
more » ... framework that can identify the political leanings of users and the news items they share on online social networks. Based on such information, our system can recommend news items that purposefully expose users to different viewpoints and increase the diversity of their information "diet." Our research on recommendation diversity and political polarization helps us to develop algorithms that measure each user's reaction %to diverse viewpoints and adjust the recommendation accordingly. The result is an approach that exposes users to a variety of political views and will, hopefully, broaden their acceptance (not necessarily the agreement) of various opinions.
arXiv:1909.01495v1 fatcat:m5nkz3tdpncslgibl4bcgvlica