A Piezo-Driven Compliant Nanopositioning Stage with Large Stroke for Micro/Nano Manipulation

Xiaobo Zhu, Zhijie Wen, Pinkuan Liu, D. Zhang, B. Zi, G. Cui, H. Ding
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
This paper presents the design, analysis, and testing of a single-axis compliant nanopositioning stage with large stroke driven by piezoelectric actuator for micro/nano manipulation. In the developed stage, a hybrid displacement amplifier integrating two kinds of flexure-based input/output decoupling modules have been developed to achieve a large stroke and precise positioning. The analytical modelling and finite element analysis are given to validate the mechanical performance and a prototype
more » ... ce and a prototype of the proposed stage is fabricated for performance tests. The experimental results show that the developed stage has the travel stroke of 214 μm with a resolution of 8 nm. It is demonstrated that the stage can be adequate for micro/nano manipulation.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20167701040 fatcat:d3jd4ukhkbh4fkqtsdpq6t25eu