Multi-DOF Real-time Hybrid Dynamic Test of a Steel Frame Structure
강 뼈대 구조물의 다자유도 실시간 하이브리드 동적 실험

Sehoon Kim, Okpin Na, Sungil Kim
2013 Journal of the Korean Society of Civil Engineers  
The hybrid test is one of the most advanced test methods to predict the structural dynamic behavior with the interaction between a physical substructure and a numerical modeling in the hybrid control system. The purpose of this study is to perform the multi-directional dynamic test of a steel frame structure with the real-time hybrid system and to evaluate the validation of the results. In this study, FEAPH, nonlinear finite element analysis program for hybrid only, was developed and the hybrid
more » ... oped and the hybrid control system was optimized. The inefficient computational time was improved with a fixed number iteration method and parallel computational techniques used in FEAPH. Furthermore, the previously used data communication method and the interface between a substructure and an analysis program were simplified in the control system. As the results, the total processing time in real-time hybrid test was shortened up to 10 times of actual measured seismic period. In order to verify the accuracy and validation of the hybrid system, the linear and nonlinear dynamic tests with a steel framed structure were carried out so that the trend of displacement responses was almost in accord with the numerical results. However, the maximum displacement responses had somewhat differences due to the analysis errors in material nonlinearities and the occurrence of permanent displacements. Therefore, if the proper material model and numerical algorithms are developed, the real-time hybrid system could be used to evaluate the structural dynamic behavior and would be an effective testing method as a substitute for a shaking table test. 초 록 하이브리드 실험은 수치해석 모형과 물리적 부분구조 모형사이의 상호작용을 통하여 구조물의 거동을 예측하는 실험법이다. 본 연구에서는 지 진하중 재하 시 1경간 2층 강 뼈대 구조물에 대한 다자유도 하이브리드 실험을 수행하고 유효성을 확보하는데 그 목적이 있다. 이를 위해 전용 하 이브리드 수치해석 프로그램인 FEAPH을 개발하였으며, 최적화된 시스템을 구축하였다. FEAPH은 고정 반복법(Fixed iteration)과 병렬화 (Parallelization) 기법을 적용하여 순차적 해석에서 발생되는 비효율적 연산을 개선하였다. 또한, 종전에 데이터 통신과 부분구조물과 해석프 로그램간의 인터페이스를 간략화하여 하이브리드 시스템 구성을 최적화 하였다. 그 결과, 입력 가진시간(30초) 대비 약 10%의 실험시간이 소요
doi:10.12652/ksce.2013.33.2.443 fatcat:az4w2ugy4bbpvldxtpydrvzphu