Antioxidative Effect of Reductones on Vegetable Oils

1971 Nippon Nogeikagaku-kaishi  
In order to study the correlation between the chemical structure and the antioxidant property, three kinds of enediol type reductones and five kinds of enaminol type reductones were prepared and their activities for stability of vegetable oils were com pared by using the modified AOM procedure. The results were as follows: 1) The enaminol type reductones were found to be more active than those of BHA in general. 2) Concerning the reductones, it was found that the order of their activities was
more » ... ir activities was GR>AR>LR>MR>VR>ASA>RA>TR. 3) The combination of TR and NDGA was observed to be slightly antioxidant in vegetable oils, but the combination of the other was not observed. 4) Kinetic plot for the biomolecular rate period showed a straight line.
doi:10.1271/nogeikagaku1924.45.489 fatcat:rdgu7knifbhsrnigppgynou45a