Long-term sustainability of bio-components production

Ivan Soucek, Ozren Ocic
2012 Hemijska Industrija  
Biofuels play an increasingly important role in the motor fuel market. The list of biofuels (bio-components) in accordance with EU legislations contains a number of substances not widely used in the market. Traditionally these include fatty acid methyl esters (FAME, in the Czech Republic methyl ether of rape seed oil) and bioethanol (also ethyl terc. buthyl ether − ETBE, based on bioethanol). The availability and possible utilizations of biocomponent fuels in Czech Republic and Serbia are
more » ... nd Serbia are discussed. Additional attention is paid on the identification of the possibilities to improve effectiveness of rapeseed cultivation and utilization of by-products from FAME production (utilization of sew, rape-meal and glycerol) which will allow fulfilment of the sustainability criteria for first generation biofuels. Comments on new approaches on renewable co-processing are presented. The concept of 3E (emissions, energy demand, and economics) is introduced specifying three main attributes for effective production of FAME production in accordance with legal compliances. The price change of bio-components is analyzed in comparison to the price of motor fuels, identifying a possible (speculative) crude price break-even point at the level of 149−176 USD/bbl at which point bio-fuels would become economically cost effective for the use by refiners.
doi:10.2298/hemind110718078s fatcat:kigh3vugsnf5va4ja74bmuin2i